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New global competitive edge from comprehensive digital security

The Digital Resilience program encourages Finnish companies and research organizations to create pioneering digital  solutions to increase the resilience and security of societies.

About us

Rapidly advancing digitalisation and new disruptive technologies bring unprecedented business opportunities as well as new threats. In particular, the rapid development of highly interconnected digital solutions challenges the resilience and security of societies and critical infrastructure.

The changing global geopolitical landscape and the hybrid threats it brings with it are creating instability between states, in international trade and in public security. Europe's need for self-sufficiency in cybersecurity and defence has increased. Finland's membership of NATO opens up new opportunities and channels for international business and the very important global RDI cooperation.

The Digital Resilience programme aims to ensure that Finnish companies and research organisations have created new digital solutions that deliver security and business continuity internationally for the defence sector, critical infrastructure and public security. Finnish companies have effectively integrated into European and international business and research networks, including with NATO countries.

The Digital Resilience programme aims to increase digital security and defence ecosystems, RDI activities, competitiveness and exports of companies. Cooperation with stakeholders, including regional and national actors and organisations, is particularly important.

Target groups

The program is aimed at Finnish companies of all sizes, both leading companies and especially SMEs and growth companies. The program's main customer groups are cybersecurity, digital defence and critical communications companies, as well as research organizations. ICT companies with solutions for end-to-end security and resilience, for example through dual-use technologies (e.g. situational awareness solutions), will play an important role.

Program services

  • Business: innovation funding for Finnish companies for business development
  • Internationalisation services for Finnish companies
  • Communication on international networks and applications in Europe and NATO countries (e.g. Horizon Europe, EDF)
  • Research: funding for Finnish research organisations
  • Invest in Finland services for foreign companies
  • Business: innovation funding for foreign companies registered in Finland


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Contact us

Head of Digital Resilience

Kirsi Kokko

+358 50 5502 023
Program Coordinator

Venni Metsäranta

+358 50 4070 305