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Boosting the globally attractive quantum computing ecosystem in Finland

The goal of the Quantum Computing campaign is to develop a globally attractive ecosystem in Finland to solve significant business problems for both Finnish and foreign customers with quantum computing.


Finland has decades of experience in quantum research, with growing investments to build quantum computers, and an already growing company ecosystem to take the quantum computing industry further.

One of the benefits of a strong national environment is that CSC – IT Center for Science is currently operating one of the world's fastest supercomputers LUMI, which is connected to a quantum computer HELMI at VTT. This makes the quantum computing infrastructure in Finland especially attractive, as you can work hands-on and closely together with quantum technology experts.

The Quantum Computing campaign aims to fund numerous projects that:

  • research first quantum computing use cases
  • develop hybrid computing and algorithms for early-stage quantum computers
  • build quantum software stack


Business Finland will help accelerate the growth and internationalization of the Finnish quantum ecosystem. In particular, the aim is to fund the development and deployment of the necessary software stack and to support companies' experiments and demonstrations to solve major problems through quantum computing. An important objective of the Quantum Computing campaign is to attract investments and talent into our quantum computing ecosystem.

For whom

Finnish startup, SME and large companies that are interested in solving significant problems with the help of quantum computing, in addition to companies that are working to develop software, applications, algorithms and services relating to quantum computing.

Foreign startup, SME and large companies that are interested in taking part in Finnish quantum computing ecosystem.

Research organizations that work closely with quantum software, algorithms and hybrid computing.


This campaign will provide services for:


  • funding: computing grant for computing intensive research projects (pdf)
  • funding: grants for Proof of Concepts (PoC) projects
  • funding: loans for SMEs to productization after PoC projects
  • participating in and steering research projects
  • workshops and webinars
  • facilitated peer-to-peer learning sessions
  • support and funding for international collaboration
  • participating Finnish Quantum Computing offering
  • taking part in major exhibitions under Finnish QC brand
  • influencing EU roadmaps and calls
  • invest in and relocating services

Research organizations

  • funding & matchmaking with companies (Research linked to Finnish economic life, co-research projects)
  • funding for Co-Innovation projects

 Most of the services are free of charge.

Join the campaign

Please contact Head of Quantum Computing Campaign Outi Keski-Äijö for more details.


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Contact us

Head of quantum computing campaign

Outi Keski-Äijö

+358 50 5577 663
Head of industry, ict & digitalization

Janne Kari

+358 40 5410 580
Campaign coordinator

Jeni Särmäkari

+358 50 5710 646