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Helping Finnish maritime and ports industry towards green transition

Business Finland offers a wide variety of services to help to position Finland towards selected leading international maritime and ports actors as the most attractive source of solutions and the long-term partner for sustainability and digitalization. This is boosted with a campaign on Decarbonized Maritime and Ports.

About campaign

World's forerunner players in shipbuilding, shipping and port operations are actively looking for solutions to lower their emissions footprint and reap the benefits of digitalization and automation.

Shipping covers 80% of transportation of goods globally. This campaign will help the transition towards lower emissions footprint in transportation while it will generate sales for Finnish companies and long-term partnerships to support sustainability goals. Majority of life cycle emissions and carbon footprint of both ships and ports are generated by energy usage. This makes the energy transition towards low carbon, zero carbon and zero emission fuels and electrification the real game changer for maritime and ports.

The goal of the campaign is to help Finnish maritime and ports industry to renew itself, its offering and cooperation networks to increase its global market share while playing active and positive role in green transition. Finland is in a good position to provide solutions for green transition. Strategies and roadmaps of leading Finnish maritime companies enable the transition towards zero carbon society, helping their customers to make future-ready buying decisions.

Target groups

Our services are targeted for Finnish maritime companies, for international companies planning to invest in Finland as well as for Finnish universities and research institutions focusing on maritime topics.

Target markets 

Our major export promotion activities in 2023 are targeted towards ports in North America and shipbuilders in North America and in Europe. We also help to connect with other selected market opportunities globally. The main target regions and countries for R&D&I collaboration are the EU, North America, and Singapore as a gateway to APAC.

Campaign Services

Most of the services are free of charge.

Key networks

Join the campaign

Please contact Head of Decarbonized Maritime and Ports Markku Jokela for more details.


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Contact us

Head of Decarbonized Maritime and Ports Campaign

Markku Jokela

+358 44 712 4134
Senior Advisor

Ulla Lainio

+358 40 343 3357

North America

Senior Advisor

Katja Eriksen

+47 40 284 887