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The purpose

of the visits

  • Promote the exports and internationalisation of Finnish companies, encourage foreign direct investments, and attract foreign visitors to Finland.
  • Strengthen cooperation between Finnish and foreign companies, introduce the Finnish offering in the target country, and find new business opportunities for Finnish companies.
  • Gather information about the destination country's new markets, future plans, and potential projects.
  • Establish contacts with local decision-makers, authorities, customers, and other potential partners.
  • Increase understanding of the destination country's business environment, corporate culture, and possible legislative changes that could open new opportunities for Finnish companies.

Multiple benefits for your company

Group Visits can make a valuable contribution to your company's internationalization, sales, or product development process. Led by Finnish government ministers and senior officials (Team Finland visits), the visits open doors to high-level meetings, direct contacts with target country ministries, and public procurement officials as well as creating networking opportunities with significant business contacts that may be difficult for individual companies to reach. Business Finland also arranges direct business visits, Trade Missions.

Team Finland visits also offer good opportunities for media visibility, such as signing contracts in the presence of ministers. They also often deal with topical business issues like trade barriers, providing useful insights when entering new markets.

Who can participate?

Team Finland visits are intended for Finnish companies of all sizes that are planning to enter or are already operating in the international markets. Finnish companies or their subsidiaries that are established in the destination country are also eligible. The company must have a Finnish business ID.

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Business Delegations

Maria Westerholm

Director, Delegations
maria.westerholm (at)

Inbound Delegations

Hanna-Leena Harma

Manager, Inbound Delegations
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Inbound delegations

Business Finland, member of the Team Finland Network is providing services for international business delegations visiting Finland. The purpose of such visits is to promote and explore areas of mutual benefit and collaboration, share knowledge, and form new business partnerships.

Visiting delegations often consist of heads of states, government ministers, senior administrators and authorities, members of academia, and representatives of private companies. The focus of the provided program in Finland is on B2B interactions between foreign and Finnish companies as well as hosting seminars, workshops and company visits.

By participating in the program with the foreign business delegates, Finnish companies gain first-hand knowledge about the needs, possibilities and areas of synergy that the cooperation could offer in the future. Establishing contacts and networking with foreign guests from different parts of the world in Finland is saving time and money, and is an ideal way to test how the offering compares to the competition in the marketplace. During the past years, Business Finland has hosted annually around 40 incoming delegations.

Delegations to Finland

Month Country/Region Theme Contact person
September France Forest