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New global growth from digital health solutions

The aim of the Health 360 Finland program is to support Finnish companies in developing and commercializing internationally competitive solutions to address global challenges in the health sector.

About us

More efficient healthcare, health promotion, and disease prevention require innovative solutions that Finnish companies can provide on a global scale. The program aims to accelerate the adoption of new digital health data solutions to enhance the effectiveness of the health sector and to increase business exports.

The program promotes the application of new technologies in the health sector in Finland and in the most potential export markets. The Health 360 program supports Finnish organisations to create new innovative ways to generate health. Additionally, the program helps Finnish actors to participate in international networks and create meeting opportunities for Finnish companies with investors and funding operators.

The Health 360 program is part of the Healthcare Reimagined 2035 mission.

Target groups

The Health 360 program is aimed at Finnish companies of all sizes, from large companies and especially SMEs and start-ups.

The main customer groups are companies developing health innovation, software companies developing solutions and other companies seeking growth in the health sector. Deep tech, AI and high performance computing companies are also important target groups.

On the research side, the target groups are research organisations, universities of applied sciences, universities and top foreign researchers.


  • Business: R&D funding for Finnish companies to develop their business
  • Internationalisation services for Finnish companies, especially activities and cooperation in North America and Europe
  • Research: funding for Finnish research organisations
  • Invest in Finland services for foreign companies
  • Health Tuesday (a series of monthly events targeted at people interested in the global health & wellbeing sector)

Contact us

Program Coordinator

Jeni Särmäkari

+358 50 5710 646