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New global competitive edge for companies with generative AI

The main goal of the campaign is to accelerate generative AI-driven innovations for improved productivity and efficiency to strengthen global competitiveness.

The Generative AI campaign focuses mainly on technology companies and ICT industry. The aim is to facilitate peer-to-peer learning within these industries, encouraging the adoption of best practices and supporting necessary research and development efforts together with research organizations.

The campaign has close cooperation with Teknologiateollisuus (Technology Industries of Finland) which has made significant investments to accelerate the utilization of artificial intelligence. Key initiatives include investing in AI projects by member companies, establishing the AI Finland network, and creating a new AI research center at Aalto University. 

Business Finland plays a crucial role in activating and funding companies to advance generative AI-driven innovation. By enabling networking, peer-to-peer learning, and rapid knowledge transfer, Business Finland fosters collaboration and drives innovation

Generative AI

According to McKinsey, Generative AI has the potential to increase productivity by up to 40 percent, surpassing earlier AI and analytics approaches.

Generative AI falls within the broader field of artificial intelligence. Unlike traditional AI, which performs specific tasks, Generative AI possesses a remarkable ability: it can create new and original data. This capability often emerges after learning from existing data.

From its historical roots, Generative AI has evolved into the sophisticated models we have today. Open AI’s release of Chat GPT at the end of 2022 bridged the gap between research and practical applications, allowing users worldwide to engage with this language model. 2023 saw the emergence of increasingly efficient foundation models with open licenses.

The Generative AI is widely regarded as the next major technological breakthrough since the advent of the internet. While it may currently ride the peak of the hype curve, it remains crucial for companies to actively participate in its development.

Target groups

The campaign primarily focuses on high-tech companies and the information and communication technology (ICT) industry.

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The economic opportunity of AI in Finland report

Generative AI will boost global economic growth in the coming decade. It can increase productivity and boost Finland’s competitiveness. To maximise the benefits of AI across society, Finland needs to leverage its strong performance in AI research by promoting innovation, investment and AI talent.

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Head of Generative AI

Aija Kalander

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Startup and Network Manager

Olli Sinerma

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Ecosystem Manager

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Chief Funding Advisor

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