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Business Finland's services for research organizations

Is your research project world class? Do you do research in close collaboration with top companies in their field? We provide funding and contacts for research organizations and promote collaboration between research and business.

How to become

a customer?

To whom?

Business Finland's expert and funding services are intended for research groups

  • that cooperate with companies seeking business growth and bold renewal in the international market, or
  • that want to build their research into a new business and commercialize the ideas arising from the research.


Business Finland funds research, when the results will be available for the use of Finnish companies in their export business. Learn more about our services below and contact our experts.


Research and knowledge-dissemination organisation means an entity (such as universities or research institutes, technology transfer agencies, innovation intermediaries, research-oriented physical or virtual collaborative entities), irrespective of its legal status (organised under public or private law) or way of financing, whose primary goal is to independently conduct fundamental research, industrial research or experimental development or to widely disseminate the results of such activities by way of teaching, publication or knowledge transfer.

Where such entity also pursues economic activities the financing, the costs and the revenues of those economic activities must be accounted for separately. Undertakings that can exert a decisive influence upon such an entity, in the quality of, for example, shareholders or members, may not enjoy preferential access to the results generated by it.