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New competitive edge for the Finnish chip industry

The objective of The Chips Campaign is to support Finnish microelectronics, photonics and quantum (HW Tech) sector to seize the emerging business opportunities in Europe and select global markets, related to restructuring of the global value chains. The campaign facilitates Finnish companies to develop their competitive edge and to find new sources of business growth based on investments into RDI activities.


There is existing and growing dependence on systems that are enabled by microelectronics and photonics. Digitalization and even green transition are dependent on the physical technologies that enable them, and the industry is expected to break US$ 1 trillion by 2030, which means more than doubling its size in only six years. The value chains have become highly centralized, and the EU is investing €43 billion to strengthen Europe’s technological leadership in R&D, design and manufacturing and to bring back critical parts of the microelectronics supply chain. The European Chips Act is a strategic framework for Europe to facilitate reinforcement of the European value chains and it opens opportunities for Finnish companies and research institutions to become a part of European ecosystems and the re-emerging global value chain.

Finland has internationally strong skills and expertise in the microelectronics, photonics and quantum that provides ideal foundation for growth. There are over 300 companies in the industry in Finland that hold a significant growth potential. The industry is expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years both in revenue and in the number of employees. This campaign aims to boost that growth by tailoring the Business Finland advisory, R&D funding, trade promotion and foreign direct investment promotion services to the specific needs of this sector.


The objectives of The Chips campaign are:

  • Create new areas of business growth by activating companies and research institutes to R&D projects.
  • Help companies and research institutes to seize opportunities in the developing European R&D networks and value chains.
  • Help companies to grow and create new business in key markets globally.
  • Promote Finland as a business location for both R&D and production to attract Foreign Direct Investments.


The key services for The Chips Campaign:

  1. Services for R&D driven growth
    Funding advisory and partnering services to accelerate business growth and expansion into new technological areas. For individual companies but especially for company groups and R&D collaboration with research institutes. Both national (BF) funding and EU funding instruments (especially Chips JU).
    Key funding services: Co-Research, Co-Innovation, Deep Tech Accelerator funding, Market Explorer funding, Tempo Funding, Young Innovative Companies
  2. Trade services
    Help for companies to find partners and build networks. Target countries in addition to European countries are Japan, Taiwan and the USA.
    Key funding services: Market Explorer funding
  3. Investment services
    Help for foreign companies in finding business opportunities and starting new business in Finland.

The Chips Campaign event calendar

  • February 14: Investing in Photonics and Microelectronics, Helsinki
  • March 19: Chips JU Funding Call - info webinar
  • April 11: 'The Chips Campaign' launch event, Helsinki
  • April 17: SoC cluster networking event with SIX and FIMA, Tampere
  • April 22-26: Trade Mission on Photonics to Japan
  • April 26: Chips from the North: Launch of Finland's Semiconductor Strategy, Helsinki
  • May 6: Next Big Steps in Semiconductor Industry and Research, Turku
  • May 27: Photonics Innovation Cities @Espoo 27.5.2024 - Otaniemi, Espoo
  • June 11: 'Chip Day' in Tampere
  • September 11-13: Electronics Systems-Integration Technology Conference (ESTC) in Berlin
    • Technical conference and tradeshow
    • 'Get to know EU Chips Act Players', Germany
  • October: 'Get to know EU Chips Act Players', Grenoble, France
  • November: Business Delegation to Taiwan
  • December: Business Delegation to Japan

The campaign will run during 2024.

Target groups

The Chips Campaign is aimed for Finnish startups (esp. deep tech), SME and large companies in the sector, and for universities, research institutes, along with relevant stakeholders.

Key services:

Funding services

Export Activities

Join the campaign

Please contact Head of the Chips Campaign Toni Mattila for more details.


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Contact us

Head of The Chips Campaign

Toni Mattila

+358 40 500 9909
Program coordinator

Anna Nikkilä

+358 50 346 9597