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Accelerate growth with international talents

We help companies to find international talents and to develop the effectiveness of multinational teams.

What is Work in Finland?

Designed for businesses operating in Finland, Work in Finland is a service package that help companies to recruit international professionals and develop multicultural organizations.

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Work in Finland is a part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment's Talent Boost program.

An international team creates the preconditions for success

International growth requires international expertise. According to research, companies with diverse staff thrive in the global market. These companies understand the needs of different customers, negotiation cultures and business practices, among other things. A diversity of views often leads to innovative solutions in the development of products and services.

Companies that can access an extensive international talent pool are more likely to find the specific expertise they require. Many Finnish professionals also want to work in companies that have an international team.

Companies that already have international teams in their home country are also successful in managing operations abroad.

Work in Finland services for companies

Learn more about Work in Finland services for companies on our new website.

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New operating models to accelerate international growth

Talent funding is suitable for SMEs and midcap companies that want to improve their capacity for international growth by creating working, organizational, and management practices that support internationalization and improve their ability to increase the number of international experts in Finnish companies.

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