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Even smarter energy

The Smart Energy Finland  program ended in December 2021. The program supported internationalization and exports. It catalyzed and funded energy-related ecosystems and testbeds in Finland and abroad. Focus segments were waste-to-value, bioenergy, biofuels, smart grids, district energy, hydrogen, power-to-X and batteries. Digitalization is a strong vertical.


Test platforms and ecosystems as growth engines of innovation

The test platforms and ecosystems are used to accelerate the innovations by Finnish companies and exports in the growing international markets and to attract investment in Finland. The ecosystems create opportunities for SMEs to enter the energy market that requires large investments with the help of partnerships and similar arrangements. 

The following test platforms have already been initiated as a part of the program:

The program created innovation ecosystems 

Funding by the Smart Energy Finland program can be used to support the development of innovation and export ecosystems. Ecosystems are formed of companies, research institutes, customers and municipalities that engage in joint R&D projects and facilitate the creation of a business environment that supports the program’s aims.

 HOPE – Highly Optimized Energy Systems


Examples of ecosystems launched in the program:

HYBGEO – Hybrid geothermal technology and data enabling positive energy buildings

 Power-to-X ecosystem taking on new challenges for future energy storage solutions

 SmartFlex for power plant flexibility


Helena Sarén:  Our work on the global energy transition continues – Take advantage of Business Finland's network, programs, and funding

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