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United States

Business Finland offices in United States offers advisory services and support for finding local networks and consultants.

Our Services

Advice for Target Market

We help you to plan how to start or grow sales in a specific market:

  • If you have selected the target market – we can offer help on market validation.
  • If you have already validated the target market and you are ready for market entry – we can help to create market entry plan and actions.
  • In case you are already in the market but underperforming – we can help to analyze why and what to do.
Access to Business Contacts

We help you to find meaningful and valuable contacts for your market needs:

  • If you don't know who are the relevant stakeholders you need to know, we can help in mapping the needed contacts.
  • If you know who you need to contact, we can help in providing access to them either by us or by our local network.
  • We can also help you to find reliable local service providers to search for new contacts.
Local Business Behaviour

We provide information on how the business is done in the country and guide you to adjust your operations and behavior according to local business culture.

  • If you are early on your journey to enter the market or are looking for general information, check out our “Doing business in the USA” guide in the section below.
  • If you are closer to market entry, we can give you more detailed information how you should adjust your approach according the local way of doing business.
Market Studies

We share industry specific market studies and advice on customized market analysis.

  • If you are seeking industry-level information on specific market – we can offer Industry specific market study report on selected industries and markets (subject to availability).
  • If you need a market study that is specifically tailored to your company's needs – we help you to assess the market and to get help from right service providers and experts.

How to get started

  • If your company is exploring multiple potential export markets or if you have not used Business Finland's services before, please leave a contact request through our become a customer page.
  • If your company already has a contact person at Business Finland, please speak with that person first.
  • The contact information for our personnel is given on the lower part of the web page.

Office contact information


Business Finland USA, Washington, Finland Trade Center
Embassy of Finland
3301 Massachusetts Avenue N.W. Washington D.C 20008-3624, USA

Silicon Valley

Business Finland Silicon Valley
Nordic Innovation House
470 Ramona Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA

New York

Business Finland Office, New York
Consulate General of Finland, Finland Trade Center
605 Third Avenue, 35 floor
New York, NY 10158, USA

Annual main trade shows and events

Check the exact dates from our office.

There is virtually a trade show every week for any industry. However, there are 3-5 key events in each industry annually and being present is important. Do not expect sales from shows nor from your first showing. US trade shows are designed to showcase, meet, and become known and trusted. Sales happen afterwards and typically on the buyers’ terms.

Contact person

Internationalization Services

Elina Fahlgren

Senior Advisor (Food, Consumer, General Market Advise)
NewYork, USA
Internationalization Services

Titta Houni

Senior Advisor (Health & Wellbeing, General Market Advice)
New York, USA
Internationalization Services

Katja Kotala

Senior Advisor (Circularity, General Market Advice)
Silicon Valley, USA
Internationalization Services

Bart Kotlarek

Senior Advisor (Bioeconomy, Machinery, General Market Advise)
New York, USA
Internationalization Services

Ulla Lainio

Senior Advisor (Maritime, Bioeconomy, General Market Advise)
Washington D.C., USA
Internationalization Services

Luis Lucatero

Senior Advisor
New York, USA

Linibelle Minaya

Office Manager
New York, USA
Internationalization Services

Fikriye Selen-Okatan

Senior Advisor (Digi, General Market Advice)
New York, USA
Internationalization Services

Juhani Sirén

Director, North America (Head of Region)
New York, USA
Internationalization Services

Hartti Suomela

Senior Advisor (ICT, General Market Advise)
Silicon Valley, USA
Internationalization Services

Jennifer Tarkiainen

Senior Advisor (Energy, General Market Advise)
Silicon Valley, USA

Martti Wallin

Industrial Counselor
Washington, D.C., USA
Innovation Collaboration

Matt Aistrich

Senior Advisor
Silicon Valley, USA
Invest in Finland

Alex Biggers

Senior Advisor (Investments to Finland)
New York, USA
Invest in Finland

Nancy Najarian

Senior Advisor (Investments to Finland)
Washington, D.C., USA
Invest in Finland

Charlie Schick

Senior Advisor (Investments to Finland)
Boston, USA

Martin Schwirn

Senior Advisor
Silicon Valley, USA